Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rambles and Co

Today I woke up and for the very first time I sensed that 'today' would be a new day. the minutes merge to hours, and the hours merge to days, and in these moments I am all but a congealed static. My emotions combine in a soggy haze of disbelief and uncertainty, which are animated through the sedated electricity which predictably and inevitably form the emotions I awoke to undergo and forsee. But today! With this new dawn, I feel real. I feel real for the very first time. Since before I could, can or will remember, I am a new boy living in a new day. The new day is today. I awoke into a stupor which gracefully lulled into a waking dream where my mind escaped the lair in which a dragon was entombed. I dreamed an aspect of reality which appeared more make-belief, fighting dragons with swords and dualing princes on horseback. But they are reality none the same. They, in fact, are the only reality I know, the only reality which is, in fact, real. And this alone is what keeps me living, what keeps my heart beating, what keeps me alive.

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